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The Perak Thalassaemia Society
4, Jln Masjid, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

The Perak Thalassaemia Society is registered on 8th May 1993, under non profit organization by a group of parent, guardian and volunteer. As their services commitment from previously continued to grow and expand in number, importance and variation lending a helping hand to as many persons as possible as they strive to achieve a better life. We currently have 258 members including 219 patients. This society is made up by a group of patients and parents with support by a group of medical practitioner who give their time and expertise for the benefit of people with physical disabilities, which the number of member had grown to 258 members now from different background and racial from Perak.

The society is sustained by the patients and parents to promote raising awareness and fund for the society including of all medical attended and promotion of knowledge and understanding of thalassaemia. We also provide counseling services for the patient and parent.

"We works partnership and tie up relationship with multiple state society and community, in order for patient to have equal access to resources that will promote full participation in the communities."

"Adoption program" is special designed in order to reduce parent financial burden. From previous years onwards, we continuous to support and participate on 'Lady Night'. Any revenue made by the society goes back into the operation of the society to carry out its purposed e.g. medical expenses.

The Perak Thalassaemia Society is one of the Community Society. Since established, the society work up and participate exclusively with government e.g. charitable purposes and carries out activities to achieve its purpose e.g. seminar to raise awareness about the disease to as reimburse for the community.


4, Jln Masjid, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Tel/Fax: 05-2432470

FYI! We Open from 11am to 3pm